Following some public and not so public discussion a little while back, I decided to ask a group of people to help me to create an experimental tracker instance for bugs and possibly features, to assist our development efforts. The people I chose were some I have worked with before, e.g. on the buildfarm, or who had expressed general support for the idea, and who I thought could usefully contribute to such a project. The idea is to run this for one release cycle, at the end of which time we should have enough experience to know if it could help or hinder our efforts.

At the moment we are still discussing both scope and software candidates, and exploring a couple of candidates.

There is no intention to be secret, but we also don't want to be endlessly debating possible merits, which has been an unfortunate characteristic of several discussions over the years. Rather, we want to demonstrate what we believe to be the benefits, as clearly and directly as possible, by actual use.

We currently have a project on pgfoundry, including a mailing list, at and a wiki at

Anyone who is interested in contributing is welcome to join in, especially if they have a history of involvement in PostgreSQL development.



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