Magnus Hagander wrote:
My second thought is that we should quite possibly abandon this
translation altogether - we know that our COPY code is quite happy with
either style of line ending, as long as the file is consistent, and also
many Windows programs will quite happily read files with Unix style line
endings (e.g. Wordpad, although not Notepad).

Agreed. We shouldn't touch the data. Every editor I know on windows
*except* notepad can deal just fine with Unix line endings, and if
you're logging your queries your logfile will be too large to work well
in notepad anyway :-)

OK, so do we consider this a bug fix and backpatch it all the way to 8.0? Nobody's complained so far that I know of, and it's only damaged logs, not damaged primary data. I'm inclined just to fix it in HEAD, and release note the change in behaviour. It will matter more when we get machine-readable logs.



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