Hello Jeremy,

  You are right about: 
   char tvi_char[MAXDATEFIELDS];

  I have already tried this and didn't work too, it keeps giving the index

    if (sscanf(str, " ( %s , %s )", tvi_char, tvf_char) != 2)

  I test tvi_char and tvf_char with StringToDateADT(tvi_char). Just date
types are allowed!

  Any other suggestions??

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Just glancing at this, a couple things stand out to me:

On Mon, 4 Jun 2007, Rodrigo Sakai wrote:

> Datum
> periodo_in(PG_FUNCTION_ARGS)
> {
>     char    *str = PG_GETARG_CSTRING(0);
>     char    tvi_char[MAXDATEFIELDS];
>     char    tvf_char[MAXDATEFIELDS];
>     tvi_char = (char *) palloc(strlen(MAXDATEFIELDS));

What are you doing here?  This is completely broken.  I think you meant to

char *tvi_char;

tvi_char = palloc(MAXDATEFIELDS);


char tvi_char[MAXDATEFIELDS];

and no palloc.

>     tvf_char = (char *) palloc(strlen(MAXDATEFIELDS));

Same as above.

>     Periodo     *result;
>     if (sscanf(str, " ( %s , %s )", tvi_char, tvf_char) != 2)

This is asking for trouble if arbitrary input can be fed to this.

>         ereport(ERROR,
>             errmsg("invalid input syntax for periodo: \"%s\"", str)));
>     result->tvi = StringToDateADT(tvi_char);
>     result->tvi = StringToDateADT(tvf_char);
>     result = (Periodo *) palloc(sizeof(Periodo));
>     if (result->tvi > result->tvf)
>         ereport(ERROR,
>                 (errcode(ERRCODE_INVALID_TEXT_REPRESENTATION),
>                 errmsg("Initial date (TVi) must be smaller than final date
> (TVf)")));
>     PG_RETURN_POINTER(result);
> }
>   Please help me!
>   Thanks in advance!

Hope this helps.

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