1 Compiling from .sbl by original Snowball's makefile requires Perl and doesn't work cleanly:
AFAIK, you don't receive any answers on your email in snowball mailing list.

2 Snowball's compiling infrastructure doesn't support Windows target.

3 I understand your wish about including only real sources and snowball_code.tgz contains some extra data (doc, examples) which isn't needed for tsearch & pgsql

4 Your suggest to simplify support of snowball by using original file's layout from Snowball

For that reasons, we suggest to put into source tree (in src/snowball) only three directory for snowball_code.tgz:
 - /compiler - compiler from *.sbl to *.c
 - /runtime - common code for all stemmers
 - /algorithms - *.sbl files
and use pgsql's makefile infrastructure to compiling stemmers.

Comments, objections?

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