Greg Smith wrote:
On Sat, 9 Jun 2007, Bruce Momjian wrote:

If enough people do that, it might coerce people to avoid them, and
perhaps we could put something in the FAQ about it.

You should just say flat-out that the terms of the mailing list are incompatible with confidentiality and similar legal disclaimers because the way messages are archived make that technically impossible. Put it in the FAQ, put it in the message people get when they subscribe. Then enforce similarly to how bad top posting is dealt with now: everyone understands that people get only a curt response, perhaps just a pointer to the relevant documentation, and instead are told the specifics of their messages can't be addressed on the list while there's a disclaimer attached.

Haven't we been over this at least once before? Greg is right, just document the point and leave it alone. If you want to get really picky about, make the confirmation email from the subscription process specifically state that confirming subscription is an acceptance of the PostgreSQL.Org usage policies which can be found here (insert link).

Have the usage policies state that by using our lists they are giving up any confidentiality or propreitary gains because the list is *public*.

Joshua D. Drake

Just ignoring them altogether will just give the community a bad reputation for being unresponsive.

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