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so I
> thought I would reiterate.
> "Dann Corbit" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > These two calls make our remote queries via libpq about twice as
fast on
> > average.
> And, perhaps, cause even greater factors of degradation in other
> scenarios (not to mention the possibility of complete failure on some
> platforms).  You haven't provided nearly enough evidence that this is
> a safe change to make.

May I suggest:

We test against dozens of operating systems and we have never had a
problem (generally, we use our own tcp/ip network objects for
communication and we only recently figured out why PostgreSQL was
lagging so far behind and patched libPQ ourselves.)  Now, it will be
about 2 weeks before our full regressions have run against PostgreSQL on
all of our platforms, but we do adjust the TCP/IP window on all of our
clients and servers and have yet to find one that is unable to either
negotiate a decent size or ignore our request at worst.

However, I won't twist your arm.  I just wanted to be sure that those at
the PostgreSQL organization were aware of this simple trick.  Our
products run on:
Linux (everywhere, including mainframe zLinux)
OpenVMS Alpha
OpenVMS Itanium

And several others

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