Ühel kenal päeval, T, 2007-06-12 kell 13:40, kirjutas Larry McGhaw:
> For what its worth .. Your statement about why we are the first people
> to mention this problem really got me thinking.  Anyone who would
> attempt to write an ODBC driver for Postgres would run into the exact
> same issue.   So I installed the official Postgres ODBC driver, and ran
> the identical query and here are my results:
> I probably should have looked at this first .... There is a whole
> Postgres ODBC dialog dedicated to the very subject of this thread:
> Handling of "unknown" data sizes.   The pgodbc driver is configured to
> treat unknowns as varchar(255) by default,
> As shown by my example below.  This can be configured up or down as
> desired.

BTW, what is the reason you are writing your own ODBC driver ? 

What problems in the official one are you trying to solve ?


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