"Joshua D. Drake" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> O.k. I am not trying to throw any cold water on this, but with the 
> limitations we are suggesting, does the patch gain us anything over just 
> leaving tsearch in contrib?

Well, if you want to take a hard-nosed approach, no form of the patch
would gain us anything over leaving it in contrib, at least not from a
functionality standpoint.  The argument in favor has always been about
perception, really: if it's a "core" feature not an "add-on", then
people will take it more seriously.  And there's a rather weak
ease-of-use argument that you don't have to install a contrib module.
(The idea that it's targeted at people who can't or won't install a
contrib module is another reason why I think we can skip user-defined
parsers and dictionaries ...)

                        regards, tom lane

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