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Tom Lane wrote:

We've debated #1 before, and a lot of repackagers change it, but I
don't really feel a strong urge to change it in the source distro.
As for #2, that's not a bug, it's intended behavior.
On #1, the fact that we allow trust as default is embarrassing. It
would be just as bad as having the default root password be password
on a linux box. We should be using md5 and force passing the password
with initdb.

That won't help; that would introduce the "embarrassment" of having a
known default password.

No it wouldn't unless the packagers set it up to do that. My point is that when a packager (or source) runs initdb, it would prompt for the postgres user password. Just like when you create a ssh key or cert etc...

Joshua D. Drake

This is a case where it takes careful thought to grasp whether there
is a problem or not.

If all we do is to shift the embarrassment around, that's not much


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