Magnus Hagander wrote:
>>>> That won't help; that would introduce the "embarrassment" of
>>>> having a known default password.
>>> No it wouldn't unless the packagers set it up to do that. My
>>> point is that when a packager (or source) runs initdb, it would
>>> prompt for the postgres user password.
>> Practically every existing packaging of PG tries to run initdb as a
>>  hidden, behind-the-scenes, definitely not-interactive procedure.
> afaik, practically every existing packaging of pg has *already*
> solved the problem and does not set trust as default anyway. ident
> sameuser I think is the most common.
> One thing I've thought about doing is to remove the default in initdb
> completely and *force* the user to choose auth type. Packagers can
> then just use that to set ident or whatever. and interactive users
> can pick trust if they really need it, but it will be a known choice.

Since nobody comemnted on this, let me turn it around and ask: Does
anybody have any reason *not* to do this?

If not, I'll just make it happen... (that should at least make people
speak up :P)


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