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Dear Postgres developers,

I have been working with Oracle for few years now in my work, and I tried some free databases for a project that I'm developing for my own use, I have tried H2,FireBird and postgres, and found the last to be the most stable and feature-rich, so thanks for all the good work.

I have read the 8.3 documentation, and with reference to Enum Support Functions found on, i think it is useful to add 2 functions, enum_after(anyenum) and enum_before(anyenum), so having :

CREATE TYPE rainbow AS ENUM ('red', 'orange', 'yellow', 'green', 'blue', 
enum_after('orange'::rainbow) will return 'yellow'
enum_after('purple'::rainbow) will return an error
enum_before('purple'::rainbow) will return 'blue'

a good to have
 function would be enum_size(anyenum) which would return 6 in the previous 
that will be helpful in dealing with enums

You could easily create these for yourself, of course. For example:

 create or replace function enum_size(anyenum)
   returns int as
   $$ select array_upper(enum_range($1),1) $$
   language sql;

Successor and predecessor functions would be a bit more work, but not hard. I don't think they should error out at the range extremes, though. Perhaps returning NULL would be better.

We could look at adding these as builtins for 8.4, but it's too late now to add them for 8.3. Besides, I think we need to see how enums are used in the field before deciding if any extensions are needed.



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