On 6/20/07, Rob Butler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Do you guys need something PG specific or built into PG?

Yes, we need it usable from inside the DB, thus the PgQ.

That means the events are also transactional with other
things happening in the DB.

ActiveMQ is very nice, speaks multiple languages, protocols and supports a ton 
of features.  Could you simply use that?

I guess that if you need standalone message broker, the
ActiveMQ may be good choice.  At least, any solution that
avoids the database when passing messages should outperform
solutions that pipe stuff thru (general-purpose) database.

OTOH, if you _do_ need to transport the events via database
it should be very hard to outperform PgQ. :)  As it uses the
user-level xid/snapshot trick introduced by rserv/erserver/slony,
which is not possible with other databases other than PostgreSQL.


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