Magnus Hagander wrote:

Can you run the build in "broken mode" but *without* using the buildfarm
scripts, and see what errorlevel you get? Meaning:
... wait ...
echo %errorlevel%

It should output 1 if that part works, 0 if it fails. That'll tell us if
the problem is in the bf or if it's in the actual build system.

It fails and says 1.

Now, if I change the build script so it says

 exit %E

instead of

 exit /b %E

I pick up the exit status just fine. I wonder if wer have different flavors of command interpreter? (My perl is the latest one from ActiveState, btw. I assume you're using that.)

Can we change that or make it switchable? I'd be happy to provide an environment variable like RUNNING_BUILDFARM if that would help.



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