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> On a somewhat related note, I have had spectacular lack of success in 
> getting either MSVC or MinGW builds to work on Vista - so much so that I 
> have currently abandoned my attempts on that platform and I resorted to 
> resuscitating an old XP box for testing. Following some advice from 
> Magnus, I added ACLs to the build root for both an admin and a non-admin 
> user (cacls buildroot /E /T /G AdminUser:C and similarly for a non-admin 
> user) . I can build as the admin user but when I come to run initdb it 
> fails, complaining that it can't find the postgres executable. If I then 
> switch to the non-admin user, it can run initdb just fine. However, that 
> user can't build, because it gets a mysterious failure from mt.exe. 
> MinGW is even worse - it says it can't run gcc because it can't run 
> cc1.exe (IIRC), so it fails at the configure stage! All of this has cost 
> me quite a few hours in the last week, with very little to show for it.

Hi Andrew,

This has come up quite recently on the MingW lists - see
240a037c30%240200a8c0%40AMD2500&forum_name=mingw-users for a discussion
of the problem and solution.

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