Dear Tom,

That would break existing Makefiles that use the "please take the first
pg_config in the path" feature, which rather make sense (it just means
that you want the extension for your current postgresql).

How would it break them?  The default definition is still PG_CONFIG =
pg_config, this just moves where that definition appears.

I think that I was answering to:

Tom> I'm not sure though how to get this setting to
Tom> override the one in ... Tom> or should we just remove that one?

With the assumption that the above "that one" refered to the "PG_CONFIG" macro definition in "". As existing extension makefiles do not defined PG_CONFIG, relying on one would break them wrt future releases? That's why I suggested to replace the "" definition by a conditional one.

But it is also entirely possible that I did not fully understand your sentence:-)


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