On Tue, 26 Jun 2007, Heikki Linnakangas wrote:

I haven't worked on [Greg's] patch. I started looking at this, using Itagaki's patch as the basis.

The main focus of how I reworked things was to integrate the whole thing into the pg_stat_bgwriter mechanism. I thought that made the performance testing a lot easier to quantify; the original patch pushed out debug info into the logs which wasn't as helpful to me. I didn't do much with the actual approach, my version was still following Itagki's basic insight into the problem. I did change the smoothing method some, but as you say that's up for grabs anyway.

Since you have the test environment ready, can you try alternative patches as well as they're proposed?

The real upper limit on how much testing I can do is my home server's capabilities, which for example aren't robust enough disk-wise to run things like DBT2 on the scale I know you normally work on. I gots a disk for the database, one for the WAL, 256MB of cache on the controller, and a single dual-core procesor; can't fit too many warehouses here.

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