On Tuesday 26 June 2007 18:05, Tom Lane wrote:
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> Fix PGXS conventions so that extensions can be built against Postgres
> installations whose pg_config program does not appear first in the PATH.
> Per gripe from Eddie Stanley and subsequent discussions with Fabien Coelho
> and others.

Is there any chance of this being backpatched?  I just spent a few hours 
tracking down a problem with compiling a 3rd party module against an 8.2 
installation installed seperatly from my systems packages install. (Ie. i 
didnt move it, but there was an additional pg_config on the system pointing 
to the wrong/other place).  I'm not exactly sure how pgxs ever worked on 
systems with multiple postgres's installed, but I didn't see much discussion 
of backpatching this fix.  I'm wondering if we're going to start seeing more 
reports of this as three people (or four?) have hit it in the last week, all 
doing seperate things. Coincidence, or sign of impending doom? :-)

Robert Treat
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