Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Jim C. Nasby wrote:
FWIW, I normally go with the 8.2 defaults, though I could see dropping
vacuum_scale_factor down to 0.1 or 0.15. I also think the thresholds
could be decreased further, maybe divide by 10.

How about pushing thresholds all the way down to 0?

As long as it handles small (or zero row) tables ok then yes. The base_threshold in the originial contrib autovacuum was just an easy way to not vacuum really small tables too often. If a table has only 10 rows, it's going to get vacuumed every time one row is updated. I guess that's not a big problem with a table that small but still seems excessive.

If you think this isn't a problem with the current autovacuum, then sure turn it down to zero, and perhaps we can even get rid of it altogether in another release or two.

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