Tom Lane wrote:
> Alvaro Herrera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Tom Lane wrote:
> >> At least on my machine there doesn't seem to be a defined way to
> >> generate SIGTERM from the terminal; so I can see where if someone hasn't
> >> read the postgres man page carefully, their first instinct upon finding
> >> that control-C doesn't get them out of single-user mode might be to type
> >> control-\ (or whatever the local QUIT character is).  It doesn't seem
> >> like it should be quite that easy to force a panic stop.
> > That seems reasonable, but I know an awful lot of people that don't know
> > how to generate SIGQUIT at all (I only learned about it about a year
> > ago, I think).  In fact anyone who doesn't already know that Ctrl-D
> > closes the session is not very likely to know about Ctrl-\.
> Sure, but those who do know how to SIGQUIT might reach for that before
> they reach for control-D.  There's hardly anyone out there who could
> be called an experienced user of the standalone mode, I think, and so
> we shouldn't assume that users always know control-D is the way out.

I agree completely, but is that an argument _against_ a "quit" command?
(Maybe the argument against the quit command is feature freeze.)

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