Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Is there any reason we can't just use a check on whether SysLoggerPID is not 0?

(a) that really shouldn't be exported out of postmaster.c, and (b) it is
not readily available to child backends is it?


It's already used in elog.c in Win32 code:

       if ((!Redirect_stderr || am_syslogger ||
(!IsUnderPostmaster && SysLoggerPID==0)) && pgwin32_is_service())

Child backends might have an out of date version if we restart the Syslogger, but would that matter in this case? For current purposes all we need is to know that the syslogger has in fact started, ISTM.

If that makes you puke we can do something more elegant, but I suspect it will amount to the same thing.



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