Tom Lane wrote:

I think offhand that the correct semantics of the flag are "we have
redirected our original stderr into a pipe for syslogger", and in
fact that we should transition the output format exactly at the
instant where we do that; the starting of the child process happens
at a slightly different time, and restarting of the child (if needed)
is yet a different issue.

We could expose syslogger's redirection_done flag, which I think has the semantics you want. AFAICS it is never unset once set. (I should note that the distance between the point where this is set and where SysLoggerPID is set on return from SysLogger_Start is negligible, and no logging statements are called there, but I take your point about continuing to use chunking during a syslogger restart when SysLoggerPID might be 0.)



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