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+1 on the idea (I can speak to the technical side). What I can say is that it is pretty much known that after 8 cores we slow down. Although 8.2 is better
than any other release in this regard.

Wait, what benchmarks have you seen where we slow down?

The production type. :)

Hmm maybe that is a bad way to put it. I am not saying we slow down like we move slower than before. I mean per processor performance goes down. If I have 4 Cores things rock and roll. If I have 8 cores (and obvious sufficient workload) things rock and roll louder than 4 cores.

If I have 16 cores, things are still really loud but I start to not be able to tell the difference. The percentage of improvement is much lower.

E.g, 16 cores works and PostgreSQL work great, but it is not nearly as fantastic with 16 cores as 8 cores (in terms percentage gain).

That's not the same thing as slowing down, it just means that scaling isn't always linear, which isn't surprising.



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