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Simon Riggs wrote:
> David Strong presented some excellent results of his SMP scalability
> testing at Ottawa in May.
> There are some easy things we can do to take advantage of those results,
> especially the ones that were hardware independent.
> The hardware independent results were these two:
> - Avoid contention on WALInsertLock (+28% gain)
> - Increase NUM_BUFFER_PARTITIONS (+7.7% gain)
> Scalability begins to slow down at 8 CPUs on 8.2.4 and David was able to
> show good gains even at 8 CPUs with these changes.
> Proposals
> 1. For the first result, I suggest that we introduce some padding into
> the shmem structure XLogCtlData to alleviate false sharing that may
> exist between holders of WALInsertLock, WALWriteLock and info_lck. The
> cost of this will be at most about 200 bytes of shmem, with a low risk
> change. The benefits are hard to quantify, but we know this is an area
> of high contention and we should do all we can to reduce that.
> This hasn't been discussed previously, though we have seen good benefit
> from avoiding false sharing in other cases, e.g. LWLOCK padding.
> 2. Increase NUM_BUFFER_PARTITIONS from 16 to 256 (or higher).
> This has been discussed previously:
> Both of these changes are simple enough to consider for 8.3
> Comments?
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