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Bruce Momjian wrote:
I have been thinking about where we are in the release process for 8.3.
I know we hoped for a July beta, but soon after the 8.3 feature freeze
it was clear that we weren't going to make that date.  I am sure some
people are frustrated we are not closer to beta.

Looking at where we are now, there are only two alternatives --- keep
pressing on,

The reality is, we have several *large* patches that have come in over this development cycle. I don't know that we expected that when we tried to do the short cycle release.

I agree - I certainly didn't expect so many large patches when I put the idea 
of a short cycle to the rest of -core. I think going forward we'll need to 
resign ourselves to the fact that this is going to keep happening, and plan on 
spending more time in freeze next time round.

Actually thinking about it, I think we should plan the next cycle based on 
whatever ends up happening this time - eg. April freeze, Aug-Sept beta, Oct 

I actually would be more inclined to have an even shorter cycle release next time... e.g. January Freeze. The original idea was sound, make it so we aren't testing in the middle of summer.

Joshua D. Drake



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