> > I think part of the problem is exactly that the freeze period has
> > stretched into summer, and so people aren't around for one reason or
> > another, and so it's going slower than one could wish.

So, push feature freeze up to Feb 1.  That would give us 2-3 months of review 
before "summer" starts, and would help.  It would also make it more probable 
that we can release in time for a major OSS conference for a big announcement 
(yeah, wearing my marketing hat again.  It's my assigned role).

> I am not sure the dump of patches at the end was the cause, particularly
> because we are approaching the time where we are spending more time in
> feature freeze than in development.  I think the larger problem is that
> these patches are just hard to review.

Actually, knowing what people are working on, I expect the issue to get 
*worse* with each release -- Gavin's Windowing Functions, for example, or if 
I get 2-3 Sun engineers working full time on SMP scalability (it's possible).  
I do still think we should consider a distributed VCS so that at least bitrot 
isn't part of the equation for review logjam.

Overall, I think we should start planning for a 3-4 month integration period 
as a normal fact of life.

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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