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2007/7/27, Oleg Bartunov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
On Fri, 27 Jul 2007, Pavel Stehule wrote:

        1) Document the problem and do nothing else.
        2) Make default_text_search_config a postgresql.conf-only
           setting, thereby making it impossible to change by non-super
           users, or make it a super-user-only setting.
        3) Remove default_text_search_config and require the
           configuration to be specified in each function call.



One of the most important purpose of integrating tsearch2 was to
facilitate full-text search for people in hosting environment. Usually,
they have no superuser rights. I'm asking don't forget about them !

There is no problem with current behaviour once user understand what he do.

I am not sure if postgresql is well for multilangual hosting
environment. There is problem with locales. Without COLLATE support
postgresql can't be used in similar environment. :(

configuration has NOTHING with language ! This is a most frequent myth about
configuration. It's just the way we chose for default_text_search_config to
use language part of locale at initdb time.
text search configuration is just a bind between parser to use for
breaking document by lexems and mapping between lexeme type and dictionaries.

nice a day
Pavel Stehule

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