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Stephen Frost wrote:
* Gregory Stark ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
"Tom Lane" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Stephen Frost <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
  Please find attached a minor patch to remove the constraints that a
  user can't include the delimiter or quote characters in a 'NULL AS'
  string when importing CSV files.
This can't really be sane can it?

Not very, no :-)
The alternative would be interpreting NULL strings after dequoting but that
would leave no way to include the NULL string literally. This solution means
there's no way to include it (if it needs quoting) but only when you specify
it this way.

Yeah, interpreting NULLs after dequoting means you've lost the
information about if it's quoted or not, or you have to add some funky
syntax to say "if it's quoted, do it differently...", which is no good,

What the patch does basically is say "give us the exact string that
shows up between the unquoted delimiters that you want to be treated
as a NULL."  This removes the complexity of the question about quoting,
unquoting, whatever, and makes it a very clear-cut, straight-forward
solution with no impact on existing users, imv.


This looks too clever by half, to me. Someone facing the problem you are facing would have to dig quite deep to find the solution you're promoting.

A much better way IMNSHO would be to add an extra FORCE switch. On input, FORCE NOT NULL says to treat an unquoted null as the literal value rather than as a null field for the columns named. The reverse would be to tell it to treat a quoted null as null rather than as the literal value, for the named columns. Perhaps that should just be "FORCE NULL columnlist". It would be more explicit and at the same time would only apply to the named columns, rather than discarding totally the ability to distinguish between null and not null values.

This should probably be discussed on -hackers, anyway.



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