Where in Texas? I might be able to assist on-site if needed (though I don't know much about linuxes).

On Jul 25, 2007, at 11:31 AM, Gavin M. Roy wrote:

One thing to take into account is I dont have physical access to the
box (It is in TX, I am in PA).  All installs but Gentoo will be
performed by a well trained NOC monkey. *cough*

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> Another fairly big issue is that we need to know whether measurements we > take in August are comparable to measurements we take in October, so a > fairly stable platform is important. As you say, a fast- changing kernel > would make it difficult to have any confidence about comparability over > time. That would tend to make me vote for RHEL/Centos, where long-term > stability is an explicit development goal. Debian stable might do too, > though I'm not as clear about their update criteria as I am about Red Hat's.

Perhaps RH could donate us a RHEL/RHN licence for this?


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