On Mon, 2007-07-30 at 23:36 -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
> > Each test took 1-2 days -- I will insist that CentOS performs poorer
> > than RHEL.
> I'm finding that hard to believe too.

I have felt the same, that's why I repeated the test twice.

> There isn't any "secret sauce" in the RHEL build process 

Really? Are the compiler options, etc, public?

> --- the CentOS guys should have been able to duplicate the RHEL RPMs
> exactly.  Now it's possible that CentOS had lagged in updating some
> performance-relevant package; did you compare package versions across
> both OSes? 

Actually I did not compare -- But both of them were 4.3 (RHEL 4.3 and
CentOS 4.3). I'm assuming that they have the same package versions,

BTW, they were stock 4.3 -- no updates, etc.

I hope I will be able to publish only the graphs, so that community will
take a look what is going on.


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