It's actually in Texas, and we have no intention to put a time limit
on its availability. I think the availability will be there as long as
there is use and we're in the Texas data center, which I don't see
ending any time soon.

On 7/31/07, Josh Berkus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Gavin,
> I'm actually in the middle of assembling a general performance test lab for
> the PostgreSQL hackers, using equipment donated by Sun, Hi5, and (hopefully)
> Unisys and Intel.  While your machine would obviously stay in Pennsylvania,
> it would be cool if we could somehow arrange a unified authentication &
> booking system.
> I'm pretty sure I can even raise money to get one created.
> How long will this system remain available to us?
> --
> Josh Berkus
> PostgreSQL @ Sun
> San Francisco

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