On 8/1/07, Rafael Azevedo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Imagine that you have about 30 fields.
> Ok, then your first SQL is done.
> Now, you just have to add 10 more fields.
> Its very easy to get lost. If we have this implementation, you could just
> add
> Field31 = 'text',
> Field32 = 'text'

I have to admit this syntax has a lot of advantages over the
insert...values statement, especially in dynamic sql situations.  That
being said, more and more I just write queries insert..select which
would be an awkward fit.  mysql compatibility is usually pretty poor
justification of a feature (they have a million ways to do everything)
and things have to stand on general merit.

It is really quite unfortunate the way certain aspects of the sql
standard evolved (indirectly causing these types of issues) but that
is a topic for another day :)


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