Well. Ok.
Then I'll just do it myself.
Just thought it would be good for thousands of users.
As I said, it was just a suggestion.
I surely aint the only one who ever thought about it.

Thanks anyway.

2007/7/31, Josh Berkus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Rafael,
> > This is just a PLUS. I just don't see any problem by doing this.
> > Even knowing that this is not Standard SQL-Syntax, I just see this as a
> > benefit feature.
> Our project has a policy of upholding the SQL standard whereever possible.
> For that reason, we don't approve non-standard syntax just for reasons of
> accessibility.  Any non-standard syntax we approve needs to add
> significant extra functionality to the DBMS, not just convenience, and
> certainly not because MySQL does it.
> "Standards are important" is one of the themes of PostgreSQL which
> differentiates us from MySQL.
> > Another reason is that we have more people migrating from MySQL to
> > Postgre than any other database server. People don't migrate to Postgre
> > from Oracle. Hardly from MS SQL Server.
> You're mistaken.  I think we get more migrations from Oracle than from
> MySQL.  And quite a few from DB2 and Informix.
> --
> --Josh
> Josh Berkus
> PostgreSQL @ Sun
> San Francisco


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