Ron Mayer wrote:
> >>>> We need more feedback from users.
> >>> Well, I am waiting for other hackers to get involved, but if they don't,
> >>> I have to evaluate it myself on the email lists.
> >> Personally, I think documentation changes would be an OK way to
> >> to handle it.   Something that makes it extremely clear to the
> >> user the advantages of having the extra column and the risks
> >> of avoiding them.
> > 
> > Sure, but you have make sure you use the right configuration in the
> > trigger, no?  Does the tsquery have to use the same configuration?
> I wish I knew this myself. :-)   Whatever I had done happened to work
> but that was largely through people on IRC walking me through it.

This illustrates the major issue --- that this has to be simple for
people to get started, while keeping the capabilities for experienced

I am now thinking that making users always specify the configuration
name and not allowing :: casting is going to be the best approach.  We
can always add more in 8.4 after it is in wide use.

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