Oleg Bartunov wrote:
> > Yea, seems more work than is necessary.  If we require the configuration
> > to be always supplied, and document that mismatches are a problem, I
> > think we are in good shape.
> We should agree that all you describe is only for DUMMY users. 
> >From authors point of view I dislike your approach to treat text searching 
> as a very limited tool. But I understand that we should preserve people from 
> stupid errors.
> I want for beginners easy setup and error-prone functionality,
> but leaving experienced users to develop complex search engines.
> Can we have separate safe interface for text searching and explicitly
> recommend it for beginners ?

I am glad we are moving this interface discussion forward.  It seems 
Heikki has similar concerns about the interface being error-prone.

It would be nice to have a novice and advanced interface, but we would
have to document both, and then that is going to be confusing for users.

As I see it, specifying the configuration name in every function call is
the novice interface, and avoids the most common errors.  I can see
defaulting the interface name as being an advanced interface, but I
don't think it has enough of a feature to be worth documenting and

If we figure out something better in 8.4 we can implement it, but at
this point I can't think of any good solution to not specifying the
configuration name every time.

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