Rohit Khare wrote:
I once discussed with you all regarding Oracle's FlashBack Query feature to recover a database to a certain point of time. That time you all suggested some indepth cons of this and how it is resource hungry.

One more feature that I am not sure PostgreSQL has is, row-level, column-level security. Oracle call this Label-Security in which you define a policy for certain columns so that they are not visible to un-authorised users during SELECT queries. This is an important security enhancement. One other feature is called Fine-Grained Auditing. Ability to track user activities. I hope this is in PostgreSQL in one form or the other.

I want to know your views on this.

Do you know the Security-Enhanced PostgreSQL project?

It provides fine grained mandatory access control on database objects,
integrated with the security policy of the operating system.
This feature includes row- and column-level access control as you said.

Linux Weekly News provides a good abstraction:

What is the definition of Fine-Grained Auditing?
SE-PostgreSQL also provides an audit enhancement in row- and column-level.
It can be controled AUDITALLOW of DONTAUDIT rules in the security policy.

See the following URL, to know more details.
There are several documents, SVN repository and RPM packages.


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