Rohit Khare wrote:
> Seeing the history of PostgreSQL development, following features are
> expected in pgAdmin:
> (1) Facility to insert a column in between other columns during table
> design.

This I can see how people like, actually. Theorists claim it's not
needed since column order really doesn't matter, but during development
things will just "look nicer". So I can agree with this.

> (2) Facility to view relationship diagram.

I believe this is actually being worked on as a google summer of code
project. So hopefully we'll have that soon.

> (3) Facility to view table performance level graphically.

I think this is also being worked on, at least it's being thought about.

> (4) More documented interface. Example: while creating columns, few
> boxes are disabled. There is no information on-screen on how to enable them.

Want to contribute? ;-)

> (5) Facility to print table details (Name,DataType,Size,Constraint etc.)

You can do much of this already using the reporting feature, no? If you
need further reports, just specifying *exactly* what information you'd
need in the reports would certainly help the hackers to get started.

> (6) Database Statistics (health, index details, log monitoring,
> Enable/Disable Backup/Recovery Options, Fine Tuning etc.)

Much of this *is* available, assuming you have enabled it at the server
level. Perhaps it just needs to be presented differently?

> Considering a mature RDBMS like PostgreSQL, an intuitive GUI Control
> Panel is a must.

I couldn't agree more.

That said, it's probably a good idea to discuss the specifics on the
pgadmin list instead of the backend hackers. Please subscribe there if
you are willing to contribute to the project (with code, documentation,
or just discussing the best ways to do things)


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