I happened to feel need for something like Oracle's
connect-by mechanism. In the contribs I found Joe Conways
`tablefunc' but I missed some features there. So I had a
look at the source code.

First of all thanks a lot to Joe, I learned much of your
code. Anyway, when I added the features I desire I changed
it so heavily that one probably won't recognize it as being
derived. By the way I think I removed some memory leaks
(Sorry, Joe).

I would be glad if someone liked it and perhaps if it found
a place in the contribs in any way. I suppose it is even
better than Oracle's connect-by. You may have a look at it


There's no documentation yet, only a lightweight example.

Postgres-style license, of course.

Comments welcome.


Bertram Scharpf
Stuttgart, Deutschland/Germany

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