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Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Joshua D. Drake wrote:
>> I believe this patch is an update to the table_funcs contrib module.
> I spent 2 minutes looking. It has no Makefile and no comments. It
> doesn't use our code conventions either. At that stage I stopped looking.
> The author needs to spend some time looking at the developer
> documentation and perusing the lists to see what our requirements are if
> he wants to be taken seriously. Also, he needs to understand that the
> best way to go about such a project is to float ideas first, code later,
> not the other way around.

Woah there silver! Read the persons first post. He updated an existing
module to fit *his* needs. He then, instead of whining to the lists
about a missing feature, implemented what *he* needed.

It also appears that he fixed a few bugs *and* increased the usability
of the module. He then gave that code back. I say bravo and thanks for
the patch.

Yes the patch needs some work. I don't argue that but come on.

Example 1:

Son: Dad, I just took cleaned out the garage.
Dad: I see you used the wrong broom and didn't close the garage door

Example 2:

Son: Dad, I just cleaned out the garage.
Dad: Oh? Thanks, In the future use the shop broom and close the garage

Sheesh, I know that everyone is trying to get the release out but let's
not remove our community building in the process.


Joshua D. Drkae

> cheers
> andrew
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