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Obfuscation doesn't really work, it just makes big wigs in companies
*think* it's not easily reversible.

There is no real security.  With enough time and experience, anything
can be broken.

But that said, I wonder if having something may be useful legally for some

If someone just went and did "select * from pg_proc" they could claim they
weren't violating their EULA or any protection you had put in place. If they
went through the trouble having to de-obfuscate it then you would have a
strong DMCA claim in the US.

We can split pg_proc into pg_procinfo and pg_procsrc.

pg_procinfo contains all information about function except source code and is readable to all.

pg_procsrc has the source and readable only to system and superusers.

pg_proc is a view that joins the two. If database developer wants to limit user access, they add conditions to the view as necessary, e.g.

proowner in ('postgres',current_user)

or whatever they want.

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