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> As I said before, I don't care what security you come up with, *it can
> be broken*. The point of security measures isn't to make it impossible
> to break the security, it's to make it more difficult than it's worth.

I agree... but this type of security is really only
security-through-obscurity.  If the source code is out there (because
it's open source), it's not difficult at all.  The code to
encrypt/obfuscate it and decrypt/execute it will all be out there.
Anyone with a couple years of programming experience could strip it
out and create a utility for it in a couple hours.  My bet is that it
wouldn't even be a monetary-driven exercise... just some geek doing it
to see if he/she could.

As there's basically no security provided, I just don't see any reason
to spend the effort adding something like this to PostgreSQL.

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