Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > Basically, the default GUC doesn't work because of:
> > 
> >     error prone
> >     if super-user only, non-super-user doesn't work on restore
> >     if non-super-user, can cause mismatch (perhaps this is the best
> >       option), and restore still a problem (no storage of config in
> >       indexes or tables)
> I haven't really seen anyone else arguing about this.  I wonder whether
> you are being overly zealous about it.

Uh, OK, but no one has told me how a database restore without a
configuration name would work, so I am all ears.

        CREATE INDEX ii on x(to_tsvector(col))

There is nothing that says what configuration that index should use
except the default setting, and if that is different in the restore
database, you have problems.  Same for a trigger that calls to_tsvector
and is restored into a different database.

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