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> "Trevor Talbot" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Wouldn't treating them as actual objects remove this whole issue?
> Uh, no.  Function names for example are subject to search-path
> confusion.

Wait, are they? They are in PL languages but only because most languages store
their source code as text just as is happening here. 

But they're not in views or other native SQL uses of functions because they
store the reference to the specific function's OID. In dumps they output the
schema along with the name. As in:

postgres=# \d foo.testv
       View "foo.testv"
 Column |  Type   | Modifiers 
 i      | integer | 
 a      | integer | 
View definition:
 SELECT test.i, foo.a(test.i) AS a
   FROM foo.test;

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