Am Freitag, 17. August 2007 05:15 schrieb Tom Lane:
> Actually ... I'm suddenly not happy about the choice to put text search
> configurations etc. into schemas at all.  We've been sitting here and
> assuming that to_tsvector('english', my_text_col) has a well defined
> meaning --- but as the patch stands, *it does not*.  The interpretation
> of the config name could easily change depending on search_path.

But that isn't different from any other part of the system.  A proper fix 
would be a mechanism to alleviate the confusion in all places, not simply to 
remove features that cause such confusion in some places (but not all, 
thereby causing inconsistencies).

> It does not seem likely that a typical installation will have so many
> text search configs that subdividing them into schemas will really be
> useful.

But schemas are not only used to organize objects because there are so many.  
Altering the search path to get at a different implementation without having 
to alter the names in every single place is also a useful application.

Peter Eisentraut

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