Here's something not to forget in this whole business: the present TSearch2 
implementation permits you to have a different tsvector configuration for 
each *row*, not just each column.  That is, applications can be built with 
"per-cell" configs.

I know of at least one out there: Ubuntu's Rosetta.  I'm sure there are 

Therefore there are two cases we're trying to solve:

(1) The simple case: someone wants to build a database with text search 
entirely in one UTF8 language.  All vectors are in that language, and so are 
all queries.  The user wants the simplest syntax possible.

(2) The Rosetta case: different configs are used for each cell and all 
searches have to be language-qualified.

In both cases, the databases need to backup and restore cleanly.

>From this, I'd first of all say that I don't see the point of a Superuser 
default_tsvector_search_config.  There are too many failure conditions with 
the default once you get away from the simplest case, so I don't see how 
setting it to Superuser-only protects anything.  Might as well make it a 
userset and then it will be more useful.

Unfortunately, the way I see it the only permanent solution for this is to 
alter the TSvector structure to include a config OID at the beginning of it.  
That doesn't sound like it's doable in time for 8.3, though; is there a way 
we could work around that until 8.4?

And why does this sound exactly like the issues we've had with per-column 
encodings and the currency type?

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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