Josh Berkus wrote:
> Bruce,
> > Oh, so you want the config inside each tsvector value. ?Interesting
> > idea.
> Yeah, hasn't anyone suggested this before?  It seems like the obvious 
> solution.  A TSvector constructed with en_US is NOT the same as a vector 
> constructed with fr_FR and it's silly to pretend that they are comparable.  
> Sticking the config name at the beginning of the field would allow for the 
> use of single-parameter functions, and default_config would only be used 
> for SELECT queries.  Backup/restore issues should go away completely ...
> EXCEPT this would introduce issues if the config is changed or deleted 
> after being used.  However, I'd imagine that we have those anyway -- 
> certainly we would at restore time.

The other problem with encoding the configuration name in the tsvector
value is that pg_dump would somehow have to embed the configuration name
in the tsvector output, and I can't see that working for an expression
index because index contents aren't dumped.  Having a separate
configuration column is clearly simpler.

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