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Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
>>   o  Automatic adjustment of bgwriter_lru_maxpages 
>>      We show this as waiting for performance results.  I am thinking we
>>      should hold this for 8.4.
> Agreed. I spent close to a week trying different benchmarks and
> configurations and simple test cases on a test server and my laptop, and
> couldn't demonstrate bgwriter making a positive impact in any
> configuration I tried. The theory behind the patch is sound, but it
> looks like a lot more testing and analysis is needed.

Wouldn't real world testing be needed to actually gain insight to this

Joshua D. Drake

>>   o  Error correction for n_dead_tuples
>>      This shows as waiting on another patch.  Again, I am thinking to
>>      keep it for 8.4.
> It was waiting on the "vacuum oldestxmin" patch, which didn't make it to
> 8.3. I don't care for the patch myself, but it was submitted well before
> feature freeze and deserves a review. It looks good to me at first glance.

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