Chuck McDevitt wrote:

Tom, it isn't just a case of "convenience".  When we are trying to
convert users from another database (say Oracle for example) to
PostgeSQL, one of the big stumbling blocks that slows down the work is
all the little query changes that people have to make (people who might
not have written the query as well), and it can require the review of
hundreds or thousands of SQL scripts and applications.  The harder it
is, the more reluctant they are to convert.

Sometimes supporting "de-facto" standards as well as official standards
makes sense.

One of the ways "de-facto" standards are even better than standards is that there are even more of them. Which de-facto standard should we follow: Oracle, MySQL, or MS SQL Server? Note that following all of them is a bad idea, as one persons convience is another persons stumbling block.


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