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- Google Summer of Code effort by Florian Pflug
I would like to talk about the last one: I couldn't find any website /
explanation or further post.
The google 
is broken
does anybody knows something about it?
He's working on allowing you to perform read-only queries on a warm
standby server. Currently, the warm standby can't be used for queries
until you fail over to it.

Even like this is worth considering this solution in my scenario, do
you think I can have a look at his work?

The archive of the pgsql-hackers list contains some discussion of my work.
I can also send you the latest version - though it's absolutely not ready
for production use at this point. It's more of a prototype, to find out where
the problems of lie, and how to overcome them.

Work on this won't stop with the end of GSoC, and I'm not the only one
interested in making this happen - so there is a realistic chance that
something like this will show up in postgres sooner or later - not promises,

greetings, Florian Pflug

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