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Tom Lane wrote:
Found by trying to run the regression tests with CLOBBER_CACHE_ALWAYS enabled.
Maybe we should try to do that on a regular basis --- it's awfully slow,
but perhaps some fast buildfarm machine could do it once in awhile.

We currently don't have any way of providing for settings other than via the configure script options. We could in theory make provision for adding stuff to pg_config_manual.h, although it would be a bit more difficult in the vpath (I guess for vpath we could just blow that file away along with the files bison, flex etc. lob in the repo).

This particular issue could be implemented just by adding
-DCLOBBER_CACHE_ALWAYS to CFLAGS (or CPPFLAGS if you want to be anal
about it).  I suppose that no new buildfarm mechanism is required ---
someone just needs to set up an animal configured that way, and
scheduled to run only maybe once a week or something like that.


Ah. Ok. That makes sense. How long does such a regression run usually take?



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