Andrew Dunstan a écrit :
> Albert Cervera i Areny wrote:
>>> I'm very strongly in favor of having this documentation.  However, I
>>> think
>>> it might make sense to put "Contrib Modules" as a section under either
>>> "Reference" or "Appendices".  Also, I don't think it's necessary to make
>>> each command option a separate subchapter, but I can see how that
>>> would be
>>> hard to avoid in an automated system.
>> It's not an automated system, README files have different structures
>> so it's all manual work. That's why I asked how you think it should be
>> organized. Anyone else thinks we should put it in Reference or
>> Appendixes?
> I would far rather have a new top level heading. Something like
> "Standard Modules and Tools". (Please avoid the use of the word
> "contrib"). If not, than as a sub-chapter of "References". I don't think
> it belongs in the Appendixes.

Appendixes or References are fine to me but not on a top level heading.
References would certainly be my (light) preference.

If you can find a way to keep each one of them on a single page, it
would be best. Having one page for the installation procedure only (see
for example this page is a
little too much.

Anyways, great work, Albert. Thanks.


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